About Us

Welcome to the Department of Education

The Faculty of Teacher Education at Raja Harpal Singh Mahavidyalaya, Singramau, Jaunpur, and U.P. strives to prepare students who would be leaders in their classrooms, effective practitioners in their particular field, and lifelong learners. The faculty of the Department is committed to enriching the lives of the students of the diverse national and international communities through collaborative, transformative approaches to educational research and research-led teaching.

The Department believes that high-quality student experience is eminent; it has been and always will be our topmost priority. The Department provides excellent, encouraging teacher education which empowers educators and researchers to improve the landscape of education.

The objectives of the Faculty of Education, RHSM are to enable prospective teachers to:

  • Appreciate the historical legacy and cultural diversity of India and infer its implication for shaping the aims and processes of education.
  • Develop an understanding of individual variations. Develop sensitivity towards children with special needs and competencies to provide differential intervention for inclusive education.
  • Strengthen the human and non-human environment for learning and promoting maximum pupil achievement. Encourage the effective use of instructional technology to enhance learning.
  • Apply the principles and the knowledge of research to develop, implement and evaluate appropriate instruction.
  • Become a reflective practitioner and an action researcher.
  • Prepare students for effective leadership roles in school and education institutions.
  • Develop an understanding of the pedagogical processes and critical issues related to teaching-learning.
  • To serve society by being a global University of higher learning in pursuit of academic excellence, innovation and nurturing entrepreneurship.
  • To provide exposure in experience-based learning for the multifaceted development of prospective teachers.
  • To contribute to societal and national needs by developing teachers who are equipped with 21st century skills and are proficient with the integration of technology in the field of Education.
  • To facilitate and undertake research, development and training for the improvement of school education.
  • To engage the students in innovative teaching practices for becoming effective teachers and productive entrepreneurs.
Our Motto
  • Teach, Train and Transform.